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Fuck it, since signing up on a site just to dunk on its developers seems like an even worse idea, I'm just gonna take this corner to write up a rant nobody will read.

The remaining FP mods set up a new forum and they're making all the same mistakes Newpunch (the most recent one, not vB4 Oldnewpunch) did.

Forums are inherently Web 1.x. Okay, Discourse works for support forums, but for communities, the only reason I'd go to a web forum in 2019 is for that comfy '00s Internet feel, back when websites had more than 5 features and the UI/UX didn't treat everyone like a 5 year old that just got their first iPad.

And what does your shiny new modern web orgy get you?

THIS PROBLEM WAS SOLVED 15 YEARS AGO. You could run a massive vBulletin 2 on a single $99/month dedicated server (okay, maybe add a DB slave for comfort, and/or cache) and search through millions of posts just fine. And you're expecting trouble searching through ~10,000 with your software providing the core 1% of functionality software had 15 YEARS AGO? Come on.

Now I'm not suggesting anybody should use literally vBulletin 2 in 2019 (or this shitty hacked-up 3.x that probably has 200 security holes by now) but modernized old-style solutions like vBulletin 5 or XenForo exist. Speaking from experience they're not great, for sure, but they work, and their many problems are nothing compared to what your forum software offers which, despite all the minimalism, still manages to eat twice the RAM of this page and lag on my laptop thanks to the React SPA meme.

(To Inacio and gang, if by some strange miracle you end up reading this, please don't take it too personally. We clearly mostly just disagree on how forums should be done, and I'll give you that Knockout is mostly for people who stuck around on Newpunch regardless. And I'll admit that the fluidity features are pretty neat (though when ~AJAX~ was hot shit and Web 1.x sites added them, that was a lot nicer). I just have a lot of pent-up resentment about the end of the old, free, nerdy web and had to get that one out of my system.)

(To anybody else reading this, yes, you're right, I should go outside more.)