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Well, yeah, it is a neat passion project. And, even with how rough around the edges it is, it's a lot more usable than many webapps built by teams of full-time engineers.

Thing is, whatever they do, they're not gonna have the feature creep of prefab board software (I like it when software has tons of functionality I'll never use because that is what makes it feel professional to me, like there's no way it could ever be missing functionality I might want at some point).

And the direction of what they are building just doesn't feel right to me. Besides the design (that could just be userstyled over), take the post editor for example. It's exclusively WYSIWYG, which is nice if you're not nerdy enough to type BBCode I suppose, but no matter how well-implemented they are, WYSIWYG editors always make me feel really uncomfortable because I don't have full/direct control over what I'm editing. And I imagine, as with Newpunch, a plaintext editor is not something they could add easily because the raw post format is not something you'd ever want to edit by hand (and this is probably also what makes fulltext search difficult).

Anyway, nice post count.