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I got moderator, and a Hasslehoff avatar, without knowing about it. Now I can't get rid of the greenish color in my name, and I don't have anything to complain about - except that someone could've told me I got mod and a Hasslehoff avatar... Oh and H
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Definitely agree, especially about BBCODE (it's not even that hard of a system, if anything it's better because you have way more control over where your shit ends up getting tagged vs "oops i guess i accidentally selected a space and now my whole thing is messed up unless i remove it and try again but more carefully" like with spoiler tags).

I'll stick around anyway and see what comes of it. The potential is there and clearly the will to make it the best it can be, despite the current flaws. The trello gives a pretty good insight to what they want to make happen in the coming weeks or months;

also thanks i guess i fucked it up now so rip that

Also wow going back on my post history on this account, fucking hell I was a pathetic loser 9 years ago lmao

Actually jokes on me, I'm still a pathetic loser except now I'm a pathetic loser in my mid-20s with a job who pays taxes.