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It's for something else.

The Nile - An attempt to make the ultimate tank, capable of withstanding intense amounts of damage, and deliver massive damage in return. It takes a while to clone them, so finding them is uncommon. Has 35% resistance to explosive damage, 30% resistance with headshots and melee hits, and 25% resistance to all others. Fire however has 0% resistance on her, but she can't be lit on fire.

Melee - Claw Attack (2 claws) - Swipes claw at you. Has a slow attack when using both claws.
Beginner Normal Hard Suicidal
15(30) 25(50) 35(70) 45(90)

Ranged - Claw Shot (Per each nail) - Shoots all 10 of her claws in different forms of fire. Shooting them causes the Nile to lose her nails, requiring them to grow back. They do less damage while off, but while recharging, they start to do more and more damage.
Beginner Normal Hard Suicidal
5 8 11 16

Melee - Impale (Armor Broken) - Impales your chest. Can only use this attack once per life. Causes her nails on right hand to get broken, like Claw Shot. Surviving this attack does a significant amount of damage to your armor, but your armor can't reduce the amount of damage it does. One hit kill on suicidal.
Beginner Normal Hard Suicidal
60(70) 80(80) 90(90) 100(N/A)

Health: Base of 1800 - Gains 600 per member on your team.
Players Beginner Normal Hard Suicidal
1 900 1800 2430 3150
2 1500 2400 3030 3750
3 2100 3000 3630 4350
4 2700 3600 4230 4950
5 3300 4200 4830 5550
6 3900 4800 5430 6150

Bounty - A lot higher than a fleshpounds. You get a little money even if you didn't make the kill.
Kill? Beginner Normal Hard Suicidal
Yes 750 550 380 330
No 188 138 95 83

Notes - Has a 50% chance of spawning in every wave past 6. If the Nile does appear in the wave, it replaces 5 random specimen that were gonna spawn, whether it be clot or crawler or even fleshpounds.
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so psooky

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oh it's for Killing floor.

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