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Welcome to fakepunches Champions Online thread!

So I recently purchased an MMO, by the name of Champions Online, and I have to say it is the most enjoyable MMO I have ever played to date. I reached level 27 out of 40 today, and the experience has not lost anything, but instead gained since I first started playing.

So what is it?
Champions Online is an MMO you have to pay for by month, made by Cryptic, makers of City of Heroes, and published by Acclaim. It is a superhero MMO, in which you create your own superhero from they're looks to their powers and more. The character creation is diverse, and if you don't believe me, spend 5 minutes in any town type area.

OK then, how much is it by month?
It is $20 to buy the game with a free month, and then $15 a month afterwards. There is a tri-monthly purchase type where you can pay $41, therefore saving $4.

Well jeez, $15 a month, what a ripoff!
No, shut the fuck up. That is $0.50 a DAY. $0.50 can buy you one or two games in an arcade, a can of soda, or something similar. It cost like $9 fucking dollars to watch a 2 hour film. But instead, you can spend only 50 cents on a day of fun and awesomeness and chill out with a lot of different friends and such. Running these games isn't cheap y'know.

How about PvP?
PvP is done a unique yet standard fashion as of most MMO's. There are many types of PvP styles, and you can join them just by clicking on a menu button, and joining the que. There is a standard team deathmatch, one with you protecting a cabin against NPC zombies, and player zombies, which you become after you die, and much more. And after every PvP match, you get acclaim points to spend on Action Figures, equipment, custom pieces and more.

Is there a free trail? Where can I find it?
There is an unlimited free trail, in which you can have 2 characters and go up to level 10 in the tutorial area. You can find it here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/9880/

You got it.

(dual swords fucking rock)

My Opinions?
The game is well worth the money. The combat is ALWAYS intense, leveling is easy, 2 hours of gameplay a day and you'll have a max level character in less then a month. The community is nice, people will always join you for missions (quest), because grinding on enemy's get's you like no experience. You get it all from missions.

xpod1 will like this game, you can create like 9 different types of animal Heroes, like wolves, cats, and more.
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so psooky

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so psooky

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I needed first post for mentioning my name but really I thought it looked neat if it werent for how silly it looked.
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The Emperor
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Looks cool, have to try the free trial before if I decide if it's actually worth buying.
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I played City of Heroes, and still do. Is Champions worth the switch?

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