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got Gold Member for finding an egg during easter holidays, OMG IM SO ORIGINAL!!!
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(That's my logo!)

This is a collection of all the music I've put out on the world wide web to date. I hope you enjoy it, or at least get a kick out of how much some of it sucks.

If you're interested in high-quality downloads of my nicest tunes, go to sirdangolot5.bandcamp.com, where you can get it in lossless .FLAC format if you're a geek/audiophile who for some reason listens to lame, unsigned music! (I'm just kidding, it's good music PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GIVE MY BANDCAMP SOME TRAFFIC)

October 17, 2009- February 15, 2010 - Early days
(Or: Damn, dude, you suck at this.)

1.Arpeggios from last saturday
2.Don't Give In
3.Boss Rush
4.Keep it Up ~S5
5.Step Back (DnB Demo) -S5
6.Man Becomes God

February 15 - April 16 : Finding my own sound
(Or: Wow, some of this could almost be classified as enjoyable!)

7.Man Becomes God (Remix)
8.Side Battle (FE4)
9.Beyond the Clouds [S5]
10.Sunken Landscape [S5]
11.Sunken Landscape V2 [S5]
12.Midnight Battles (Preview)
13.Clubbin till Midnight [collab]
14.[S5] Midnight Battles
15.Dance with me tonight (Collab)
16.You Belong Here [S5]
17.Ghashang (Psytrance)
18.Electronic Waltz

April 28 - Present: Random Number Generator!
(Or: When Sirdangolot5 decided to start taking himself too seriously)

19.Progress [RNG]
20.Awake [RNG]
21.Long Way Home [RNG]
22.Hopes and Dreams [RNG]
23.I'll Fight Until I Die [RNG]
24.Nebula [RNG]
25.About an hour [RNG]
26.The Final Moment [RNG]
27.Shattered Emerald [RNG]
28.Jump Up [RNG]
29.Jump Up (Final) [RNG]
30.Waterfall [RNG]
31.Walk Away (Short Mix) [RNG]
32.DUN-DUM!!! [RNG]
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so psooky

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How about a slight shift into another section that is more fitting.

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