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what the fuck
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Beat Hazard
Gameplay powered by your music

So what the hell is this?
The seizure-tastic game that makes your music turn into awesome gameplay, beat hazard. This game looks like your average space shooter...but with awesome amounts of colors, music, and ranking(which is more of a perk system. It is basically a greatly updated asteroids.

Meh a shooter. Why should I like it?

It has awesome colors, and it is powered by your music. If you suck at shooters play on easy and play something that you like that is very hardcore for shits loads of bullets.

So it is just a shooter powered by music, but are there powerups.
There are 4 Pickups:
Multiplier - A pickup which allow you to increase your score faster
Power-up - A Pickup which boosts the power of your weapon.
Volume Up - A pickup which increases the volume of the music, which boosts your ships power and the visuals on the screen.
Super-bomb - A pickup which adds an extra superbomb for you to obliterate nearby enemies with!

Wait did you say ranking? So what the hell is this, some cheap rip-off of other games?

No, the ranking system is original and perks your game up. It is a simple ranking system, that goes higher the more points you have. You unlock insane mode and a achievement at max rank.

Let me guess, there is a limit to how much music I can have.
Hell no, play what ever you want. Justin Beiber(you faggot) to heavy metal.

So how is my music involved?

It changes the color, background, amount of enemies, when a boss shows up, and your bullets.

Damn this sounds fun, but where do I get it

You can get it on the x-box or you can get it on steam.

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what the fuck
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Jan 2010
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since facepunch already had a thread

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