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England football fan Garry Mann has been extradited to Portugal to serve a two-year jail sentence for alleged hooliganism.

The former Kent firefighter was convicted over a riot during the Euro 2004 tournament but insists he did not have a fair trial.

Mr Mann, 52, said he tried to get the new coalition Government to intervene in his case but without success.

He said his local MP, Tory Hugh Robertson, called the Foreign Office but was unable to get through to anyone who could help.

Speaking before surrendering to Portuguese police at Heathrow Airport, he said: "The Labour government and Crown Prosecution Service have betrayed me.

"It is time for this new Government to support its own British citizens when there is an obvious injustice taking place.

"It is time for them to do something about the European Arrest Warrant and for the British people to realise what the European Arrest Warrant is about.

"What started off as for terrorists can now be used for anyone on holiday and English supporters abroad and something needs to be done about it."

Mr Mann's lawyers failed in a last-ditch attempt to secure a judicial review at the High Court last week.

The father of six from Faversham, Kent, says he has been the victim of a "witch-hunt" by the Portuguese authorities.

A Birmingham City supporter, he was drinking with friends in a bar in Albufeira when football fans rioted in a nearby street.

He was subsequently arrested, tried and convicted within 48 hours.

Mr Mann says he was only given five minutes with a lawyer before the trial and did not understand a word of the proceedings.

Even worse, he only found out what the charge was afterwards.

At the centre of the case is the European Arrest Warrant and the fast-track system for extradition in Europe.

Campaign group Fair Trials International says it has serious concerns because courts interpret the law as giving them no way of blocking an unjust extradition.

Oh no! What will England do without him!
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Mann Co.
We piss off Portuguese and get caught while drinking
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britain will fall

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